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How a Foyer, Bathroom, or Kitchen Makeover Can Help Sell Your Home

The process of getting your home ready to be put on the market may require rethinking and redesigning the existing living space. For example, old flooring with outdated color schemes or patterns could turn off potential buyers and make it harder for them to see the truly great potential of your home. By completing a bathroom or kitchen makeover, or updates to your foyer area to provide a positive first impression, you'll be able to show off the full potential of your home. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you start to prep your home before putting it on the market.


Minor Changes Add Big Value

If you're planning to sell your home within the next couple of years, you should be looking at projects with high return on investment. So rather than investing in completely remodeling your bathrooms or kitchen, try updating areas with easy tile-inspired design projects that can be completed in a short amount of time. For instance, your kitchen will look updated with the simple addition of a stylish Soiree mosaic tile backsplash and a fresh coat of paint. These minor changes will add value and character to your home, and will hopefully help you sell your home for a higher price.

Tile Is a Versatile Update

During the preparation process, it's important to incorporate changes that increase the appeal of your home to a wide range of potential buyers. If a buyer's individual preferences differ from yours, it may be hard for them to get past certain aspects of your design, such as bold paint colors. Thus, it's important to stick with conservative changes. Swapping out old flooring or outdated existing tile for a material that's updated and classic will not only complement many types of furnishings, but will increase your home's appeal to a variety of buyers. For example, try adding white subway tile to your bathroom for a fresh look that harmonizes with a range of style preferences.


Gray Decor Will Modernize Your Space

If you've held off on renovating your home because you're expecting to move out, you may need to add a few last-minute updates before you put your home on the market. When doing so, try to stick to modern color schemes. For example, gray has replaced brown as the preferred neutral tone in design, and can easily be incorporated in the form of paint or tile. Try updating a small area, such as the entryway floor, with gray plank-shaped tile. This will add a contemporary flair, and will make a great first impression when buyers step through your front door. If the overall design of your home has more of a farmhouse feel, consider using distressed wood-look porcelain tiles in your foyer to set the mood.

Lay Tile Yourself For a Big Return

Small spaces, such as a bathroom, are easy to update yourself, thanks to their relatively low amount of square footage. If you opt for a straightforward pattern, outdated tile on your floor or backsplash can be swapped out in a weekend, giving your bathroom a like-new feel. Potential buyers will be happy to see that the tile updates are complete, and that the space is move-in ready, making your home more appealing.

Home buyers tend to look for clean, bright, and updated spaces where they can imagine gathering with their own family. When you start to get your home ready for potential buyers to view, a small bathroom, foyer, or kitchen makeover will go a long way.

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