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Get Concrete Flooring without the Hassle

When most people hear the word "concrete," they think of the garage or the patio floor. But in recent years, concrete flooring has earned a prominent place in homes. These floors can be finished in many ways with beautifully colored stains, aggregates, and a host of interesting textures. Additionally, it can be matte or polished to a high gloss. The look of concrete flooring is a popular choice for industrial- and contemporary-style homes, and even the more elegant, traditional styles are enjoying the look of concrete.

Concrete Connections

The Benefits of Concrete-Looking Tile

You can get all the beautiful qualities of concrete without the maintenance and weight a poured concrete floor. This is thanks to porcelain tile that looks like concrete. Concrete-looking tile is quick to install, easy to maintain, and works well in high-humidity environments, such as bathrooms or basements that are prone to flooding. Porcelain is also one of the most long-lasting types of flooring available, so you know you'll enjoy the look of your new floor for many years.

The Signature Concrete Look

Daltile offers the Concrete Connection collection, with all the sophisticated good looks of real concrete in dozens of stunning colors and textures. These can be used for flooring, wall, and backsplashes with matching or contrasting patterns. There are also accent tiles, giving you almost no limitations to the creative design possibilities. Concrete-looking tiles have soft hues, even with the darkest options, and the colors are so diverse that it's possible to mix and match from various collections. Mix a heavily textured tile with a more solid look, or polished with unpolished options.

Concrete-looking tile is very versatile and can work well with any number of other tile looks. Mix it with metallic accents and trims on backsplashes for amazing new looks. Try Copper Coast mosaic tile from Daltile's Crystal Shores collection with Coffee from the Unity collection for a rich earth-tone look. You can also combine concrete with granite, wood-looking tiles, or quartz for exciting new combinations.

Installation is no more difficult than with any other application and can be done by a professional in hours, so concrete-looking tile is a lot easier to install than the real thing. This means that you can spend less time tiptoeing around your home and more time enjoying your new floor.

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