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Designing Tiled Showers for Your Guest Bathroom Makeover

Tiled showers are a practical design choice, especially for guest bathrooms. Because tile is resistant to water and easy to keep clean, it's a great choice for the moisture-prone shower area. However, function does not always have to trump fashion when it comes to your shower design. Instead of simply covering your shower in a neutral tile, why not make over the space with some much-needed style? Here are some inspirational design ideas to make your guest bathroom stand out, and make a striking impression on all of your guests.

Get Bold with Color

The shower is where your guests get a boost of energy in the morning, and it's where they can unwind after a long day of activities or sightseeing. Help energize your guests by incorporating vibrant, colorful tiles into your shower design. For example, try covering your shower walls in a bold, solid color, and then adding a strip of accent tiles in a contrasting shade. This creates a shocking color combination that's immediately noticeable and highly trendy in bathroom design.

You can also create many designs with Rittenhouse Square tile, which comes in several bold shades, ranging from sunflower yellow to cobalt blue. You can also use this tile to create a high-contrast design that features basic black and white tile, a classic look that always seems to appear in modern home design.

Build Your Own Pattern

Designing tiled showers for your guest bathrooms is a great way to play with tile patterns and create a look that will leave an impression on your guests. Mix and match different tile colors to make your own unique pattern, and create a shower experience that's totally original.

The Avondale tile is made in several color shades, so you can play around with your pattern. In addition, the line features several glazed ceramic mosaic pieces that will instantly add distinct character to your design. Try creating a pattern inset on the shower wall, varying the pattern in the middle of the space with a row of accent tiles, to create a unique built-in feature.

Pay Attention to the Details

Take your guest bathroom to the next level with shower tile accents. For example, Massalia wall and counter glazed tile is made to look like metal, and it comes in a range of matching decorative accents. Add decorative tiles to your pattern to create great detail. Imagine a sweep of copper on the shower wall, set off with pewter-toned frieze accents and small tile. You can also impress your guests and make your design pop with small details, such as an accent shelf or a wall cutout. Cover this special shower feature with accent tile to make it stand out against the rest of your design. All sorts of accented design ideas are possible with decorative tiles, making your shower design options unlimited.

Play around with your own design ideas to make your guest bathroom look amazing. Get creative with color, get crafty with patterns, and mix in small accents to make your own signature shower design. The versatility of tile allows you to explore all sorts of design ideas, so with a little creativity, you can create any shower you can imagine.

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