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Design Ideas for Using White Granite in Your Home

Thanks to its long-lasting quality and relative affordability, granite continues to reign as a popular home design material. The scratch- and heat-resistant traits of this stone make it an ideal material for kitchen countertops and more. Although some granite styles have been used more frequently than others, you can still find something new and fresh if you're looking for a modern update. The latest white granite slab selections mesh well with current design trends and can brighten up your home's decor. Here are some design inspiration tips for using white granite.

Don't Be Afraid of Dark Accents

White cabinets continue to rank as a top design pick in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. To avoid an overall look that's too stark, but still maintains a bright atmosphere, go with a white shade of granite that has veining or darker flecks. For example, Cotton White is a light granite with darker flecks that makes a distinctive statement, while still blending in with your all-white kitchen. The rich texture of the granite will stand out and harmonize with your white cabinetry. This selection will help to add dimension to the design, while keeping an overall white look.

Go with a Gray Undertone

Given the popularity of the color gray, white shades of granite that have gray undertones can provide a wonderful complement to current design trends. This deep shade of white also mimics the look of marble, which is currently a trendy look. So, if you're looking to add the richness of marble to your design, but you still want to take advantage of the durable nature of granite, go with a shade of gray-white.

Brighten a Space That Has Darker Features

Granite that's white is by no means limited to being used in all-white kitchens. If you love the contrast of black and white, a white shade of granite will look great next to dark kitchen cabinets. And you can even use this technique beyond your kitchen. White granite brings a touch of brightness and elegance to other rooms in your home that receive less natural light. Use it as a vanity top or a backsplash in your bathroom to give these spaces a boost of light. And as a flooring choice, white granite tiles add the sophistication of natural stone to formal dining and living rooms.

Use It as a Transitional Design Element

White granite can also be used as a transitional feature in rooms that feature varying shades of light-colored neutrals. For example, a granite fireplace surround in a shade of white will provide the perfect subtle transition from the hearth to an ivory wall paint or white built-in shelving. In the kitchen, consider bridging the contrasting colors of dark cabinets and white countertops with a mixed mosaic backsplash that includes lighter shades of granite or glass tiles, such as the Granite Radiance series, which comes in linear-shaped styles.

The classic look of white granite imbues an unmistakable look of luxury on your walls, floors, or countertops. It also has the ability to brighten a space, bridging the gap between dark and light materials. To view the variety of granite available to you, visit a Daltile Stone Showroom today.

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