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Colorful Granite Countertop for Any Design

Granite is a favorite countertop material for many reasons. It stands up to daily use without showing wear and continues to look as great as the day you installed it (with the proper care). It is also gives you a huge amount of flexibility design-wise.

Granite is one of the most color diverse stones in the world. There are hundreds of naturally occurring colors in granite. Here’s the rundown of available granite colors and how to find the one best suited to your kitchen or bathroom.

Structured for Color

It’s the structure of granite that allows it to come in so many colors and have so much color variation in a single piece of stone. The crystalline structure is composed of many different types of minerals melded together into that grainy look you love so much.

It’s the different minerals in granite that give it color. The dominant mineral in the stone determines the basic color and other minerals provide the secondary colors. The most common mineral in granite is quartz. It is colorless and reflective, which helps granite keep that just-polished look and amplifies the colors around it.

Salt and Pepper Granite

One of the most popular types of granite is the classic salt and pepper granite. It’s the kind that first comes to mind when you think about granite. It’s a perfect addition to modern kitchen design that favors high-contrast black and white or gray kitchens and bathrooms.

Black Granite, White Granite

You’ll be hard pressed to find any granite that is purely one color, especially white granite. But there are several black granite sources that come pretty close.

One classic black granite is Ubatuba. It is a reverse of salt and pepper granite and is black with white and gray grains. The crystals are large and the graining is heavy. Absolute Black is a fine grained granite with tiny gray and white grains. Marron Cohiba is one of the blackest granites. It isn’t as grainy as other granites and has silky veins of black running through it.

Granite Rainbow

The most common colors of granite may be white, gray, and black but there are hundreds of other colors and color combinations—each unique.

Pink and orange are very common colors in granite, but you can find green, blue, and red too. There are also different natural patterns to the stone that look more like the veining of marble than the traditional grain of granite.

Here are a few stunning examples of rare and colorful granites that will add a pop of luxurious color to your kitchen or bathroom.

Azul Aran is a heavily grained—almost veined granite—that has an undertone of blue with white and gray. Magma Gold looks like a flowing river of black and white with coppery gold veins running through it. It is a show-stopping addition your bathroom or kitchen. Geriba Gold is a sky blue granite with veins and grains of yellow, brown, and gold. It is another stunning granite that becomes the center of attention in your space.

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