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Choosing Tile for Your Shower Wall: How to Stay Unique and Practical

The tile you choose for your shower wall is important for more than one reason. You want to choose tile that's sophisticated, pleasing to the eye, and in-line with your overall style. However, you also want to choose a material that's practical for the space. After all, the best style is one that's going to function well and last for several years. So when it comes time to choose the right tile for your shower walls, here are some inspirational tips and ideas to help you get started.

Surround Your Shower with Sparkling Glass

There's something beautiful about the combination of water and glass. These two reflective materials sparkle in the light, and by covering your shower walls with glass tile, you'll be creating a glittery, colorful place to do your daily routine. Crystal Shores mosaic tile, for example, comes in a variety of classic tile patterns and interesting color schemes that look great in the shower. And, because this line is made of glass, it resists moisture and is easy to clean, making it a perfect choice for shower walls.

Fill Your Space with Nature's Beauty

The soft, warm color tones found in nature are a perfect starting point for creating a great-looking design. You can seamlessly blend existing design elements with your new tile by choosing an earth-tone tile. The natural, soothing look of earth-tone tile is always a great choice for the bathroom, where you want to create a relaxing environment. Avondale glazed porcelain, for example, features all the beauty of natural stone. This smooth porcelain has the right look and even the same striations of stone, and it features the glossy finish of porcelain tile. Water runs right off porcelain and dries naturally, making it a great material to use on shower walls.

Get Playful with Color

The colors you choose are critical to any room's design. For example, Glass Horizons mosaic tile will turn your shower wall into a colorful, lively piece of art. The small glass tiles come in a wide array of colors, ranging from red, to blue, to black, and just about every shade in between. The small glass pieces each have their own glitter, gleam, and unique look, and each will reflect the light to brighten up your entire bathroom space.

Make Your Shower Wall Stand Out

Stop hiding your shower behind curtains and frosted doors. Instead, let your shower wall become an accent for your bathroom that you won't want to hide. Cover the wall with the right tile, and make it a standout feature in your space. Experiment with colors, patterns, and tile accents to design a wall that's totally your own, and a reflection of your style and personality.

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