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Choosing Shower Tile to Create a Custom Bathroom Design

bathroom renovation isn't complete without choosing new tile for your shower and tub surround. Today's shower tile options aren't limited to simple glazed tiles. You can choose from many materials, sizes, and finishes to add personality to your tub and shower surround, as well as coordinate them with the rest of your bathroom. Here are a few ideas to help you create a custom bathroom design:

Simple and Traditional

When you think of tile for your bath or shower surround, chances are that you're envisioning 4 x 4 glazed tile in a solid color that has a border or trim in the same color. For a look that's a little different, but still traditional, try opting for 3 x 6 subway tile in glazed white with a tile trim in a contrasting color. While these tiles lend themselves to traditional bathroom decor, they can also be used in combination with other types of tile to give your bathroom a unique look. Try incorporating mosaic, natural stone, or large format tiles. Choosing different materials will allow you to add your own personal twist to a simple and traditional bathroom style.

Modern and Sophisticated

Marble tile is available in a wide range of shades and natural veining patterns, and can give your bathroom a modern look. With colors ranging from neutrals to rich browns, you'll find a variety of shades in the Marble Collection that will help you give your shower a luxurious feel. Marble tile is available in the usual subway, mosaic, and square tile shapes, but it also comes in unique linear and wave mosaic patterns. Consider going with a bold tile like Emperador Dark to make a design statement. To complete the design, you may want to consider installing frameless glass shower doors to enhance the sophisticated, hotel-inspired look.

Edgy and Bold

Glass tile comes in all shapes and sizes, which can help you create bold focal points throughout your bathroom. From small, transparent mosaics to larger, opaque, shimmery tiles, there is an option for every application. Glass tile is usually suitable for walls and countertops, so you can use it throughout your bathroom for the perfect accent tile. If you're looking to update traditional, simple glazed tile, try incorporating bright inserts of glass mosaic tile. Consider adding a border or framing your shower shelving with glass mosaic tile. Further, multicolored mosaic tile patterns can provide textural and visual interest to any area of your bathroom. For example, try using Glass Horizons™ on just your shower floor for an unexpected and bold design element. You can also try trimming your shower surround with Glass Pebbles™, which come in an uncommon shape, to add an edgy, one-of-a-kind look to your bathroom.

Chic and On-Trend

Don't be afraid to infuse your design with bright hues and the latest trends! The Natural Hues collection allows you to showcase your personality with vibrant colors like Everglade and Regency Blue. Consider using two or three different shades of a similar color to create a watercolor effect, or to add a subtle ombre design to your shower walls. If you go this route, consider incorporating clean lines into the rest of your design to allow the tile to become your bathroom's focal point. You can also use shades of black, grey, and white tile to create a stylish monochromatic look. To keep your design trendy, play with textures and materials. For instance, you could use a beautiful Consulate mosaic tile in Premier Grey on the walls and Haut Monde in Empire Black on your floor to contrast a white shower and tub surround.

Natural and Zen

Natural stone and stone-look tile comes in a range of color, including simple, neutral tones that can help you turn your shower and tub surround into the ultimate oasis. Whether you choose porcelain tile that looks like stone or go for natural stone tiles or slabs, the varied shades of stone can add a soothing, calming touch to your space. The Exquisite™ line, for example, features stone-look mosaic tiles that are perfect for showers. Consider decorating the rest of your bathroom in light colors in order to keep the airy, peaceful feel flowing throughout your entire design. You may also want to bring in some greenery, such as bamboo or orchids, to add to the tranquility.

When updating your shower, tile will allow you to create a design that is uniquely yours. Whether your style is modern, edgy, or traditional, you'll end up with a clean, updated look just by installing new shower tile. Remember to balance the size of the tile you choose with the size of your bathroom. Use these ideas as inspiration, and head to your nearest Daltile dealer to discover more gorgeous tile options.

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