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Choosing Outdoor Tile: 4 Things to Consider

Whether your shed needs an overhaul or your poolside deck needs a bit of elegance, outdoor tile is the perfect material to enhance your patio and backyard. And regardless of the project in front of you, it's relatively simple to find the perfect tile to achieve your design goals. Here are four factors to consider when it comes time to choose tile for your next outdoor project:

1. Consider Natural Stone
Natural materials such as quartzite, slate, and limestone look great in their native, outdoor environment, which makes perfect sense. Consider using these types of tiles when creating a pathway to your garden or updating your patio. Choosing natural outdoor tile will authenticate your space and give your guests the feeling of an outdoor wonderland. Put your design skills to the test by matching the color of the tile you choose with complementary pieces within your landscaping or home's exterior features.

Natural Quartzite is a great option for pool decks—especially for homeowners who have installed pools with boulders, cascading waterfalls, and other natural elements. Its multicolored look is not only appealing to the eye, but it's functional and stylish.

2. Lighten Up (Or Tone Down) the Area
Take a close look at where you want to lay your new outdoor tile. Is it sunny during the day and well-lit at night? Or is it in a shady part of your yard that tends to be dark at nighttime? If it's the latter, you can choose light-colored tile to help brighten up the space. Opting for white- or cream-colored porcelain tile is a great way to pull this off. Alternatively, choosing darker tile in an earthy tone is a perfect option for well-lit areas. Working with the light that you already have is a great way to choose your new outdoor tile.

3. Go with Wood-Look Tile

Do you love the look of hardwood but want the long-lasting qualities of porcelain? Wood-look tile offers the best of both worlds. Visually, it features the charming natural beauty, unique texture, and rustic charm of wood. However, it also features the same properties as porcelain that help it stand up to moisture, which is critical in an outdoor space. With proper installation and care, your wood-look tiles can stand the test of time.

4. Apply a Sealant to the Tile, if Necessary
Just like indoor tile, a sealant may be the final step in your outdoor tile project. This will help to protect your tile from stains and moisture. Porcelain and ceramic tiles often come sealed by default, however, certain tiles such as stone will need to be sealed for protection. Read up on the manufacturer recommendations to be sure. For projects requiring sealant, consult with your tile manufacturer's guidelines to review application recommendations and curing time.

With summertime dwindling down, now is the time to reassess which parts of your yard need an upgrade as you head into the fall entertaining season. Consider the above four factors when choosing an outdoor tile for your projects, as each is crucial to pulling off the design of your dreams.

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