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Bring the Outdoors in with Natural Stone Tile

Chances are that your home is located in an environment you love. In order to create a visual connection between your home's interior and the outdoors, try incorporating natural stone tile into your design plans. Stone is a popular choice for walls, countertops, and flooring, and it will help create a seamless look between your home's interior and the great outdoors. Here are a few ways to draw inspiration from nature and use stone products to enhance your home's decor.

Infuse the Desert into Your Design
Desert landscapes tend to be pale and neutral with subtle pops of color. You can bring these sand like, gentle colors indoors with limestone tile, which is appropriate for most flooring applications. You can also add a range of desert-inspired tones to your decor with the addition of neutral granite, which is suitable for countertops and backsplashes. Try opting for a granite slab and then adding pops of a bright green or yellow accent color. This is a great example of how to use stone to add nature's multidimensional look to your design.

Draw Ideas from the Forest
Whether your home is situated in an evergreen forest, or you simply enjoy the peace and relaxation that greenery brings, natural stone options can bring this beauty indoors. This doesn't mean you have to install an expanse of green tile, but the color and textural variations that are found in a forest can certainly inspire your interior design. For example, slate tile is available in green tones that give off the same look as a mossy forest floor. Stacked stone also carries the same rich texture and color combination of soil and clay that is often found deep in the woods.

Look to the Mountains
Mountain views encompass a wide range of colors and visual effects, and stone tile often resembles the same color palette and texture of a mountain range. In fact, most mountains are formed from natural stone, so it's no wonder that the two strongly resemble each other. Limestone tile, for example, is made from rock fragments, giving it a neutral look that mimics rugged mountains and the hazy blue-gray tones of distant peaks.

Get Inspired by the Sea or Lakeside
Flowing water adds movement, texture, and color to any exterior environment. While an indoor water feature may not work for your lifestyle, you can incorporate the same calming energy into your home by incorporating natural stone tile or slabs into your design. If you prefer the look of a rushing river or churning waves, consider opting for granite with blue hues. For a calmer design resembling ocean water at the seashore, try using a granite slab with golden hues. In addition, quartzite offers a flooring option that incorporates a mix of neutral and water-like tones.

Nature can inspire your home decor in unexpected ways. With the nearly limitless range of stone tile and slabs at your fingertips, you can connect your home's interior with your favorite landscapes by adding stone tile and slab products to your design. For more inspiration, check out Daltile's gallery of design ideas.

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