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Bathroom Tiling 101: Glass Subway Tile, Measurement Tips, and Everything in Between

Imagine this: A natural stone tile floor paves the way to a beautiful shower that's framed with shimmering glass subway tile. The perfect vanity and complementary artwork finish off the space. Now hold that thought, frame it in your mind, and let it motivate you through your bathroom renovation process. Reimagining and making over your bathroom requires creativity and having a vision of what you want your finished product to look like. But it also takes the right strategies, materials, and tools. Here are a few things to know before you dive into your bathroom renovation project.

Autumn Mist Slate and Autumn Mist Tumbled Slate on the walls

Measure, Measure, Cut
The first step of a bathroom renovation is to record accurate measurements of your space. These numbers are crucial to deciding how much space you have for certain features and how much material you'll need. Remember to take every measurement a couple of times—as the saying goes, measure twice and cut once.

Start by measuring the length and width of the floor. Use these figures to plan out how much tile, backer board, grout, and sealant you will need for your tiling project. Check product recommendations to find out how many square feet it should cover.

Take these numbers and draw out a diagram of your space. A sketch of the floor and wall dimensions will help you map out your bathroom and decide where to place important features, such as the sink, toilet, or freestanding tub. Keep this piece of paper handy at all times. Whether you're working on the project at home or making a trip to your home improvement store for materials, it will serve as a great reference.

Consider Your Tile Options
With the variety of tile on the market, choosing which type will work for your space can be a bit overwhelming. But have no fear. Here's a quick look at some of the go-to options.

Glass tile is a very popular choice for bathroom renovations. It's available in a seemingly endless array of colors, transparencies, and sizes. Neutral glass subway tile will modernize any space, and bolder colors will give your bathroom a dramatic look. One of the major benefits of glass tile is that it's extremely appealing to the eye. It will bounce light around your room and can actually make the space appear larger than it is. Glass tile is the perfect option to freshen up the look of your bathroom space.

Natural stone tile is also a popular choice for the bathroom. Natural stone includes slate, marble, granite, or limestone. Each stone has unique characteristics, so do your research to find out which will work best with your lifestyle before making a decision.

Gather Your Tools

After you have your measurements and have chosen the tile for your bathroom, start to gather the other tools you'll need. These include, a level, trowel, sponge, bucket of water, tile clippers, and even a wet saw. Your bathroom may require additional tools, so make sure you do your research beforehand.

A bathroom renovation is a big project, but with the right preparation and tools, you can simplify the process. Start by taking measurements and envisioning your design. Then choose your tile and gather your tools. You'll be on your way to completing a successful bathroom makeover in no time.

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