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Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Design Consistency

Taking bathroom remodel ideas from a picture in your mind (or magazine) and bringing them to life can be a challenge. Just finding the perfect paint or floor tile can take months of searching or sample testing. When you finally find "the one" and fall in love with a design element, you might wish you could use it throughout your entire home. Luckily, you can—to some extent. The idea of design consistency is what allows you to carry the same colors, fabrics, and textures from room to room, and this can be accomplished between full and half bathrooms.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is important to design, and it's one way to infuse your unique personality into your home. Using similar wood tones, such as dark bamboo-look tile flooring, in your kitchen and dining room projects a better sense of your style than switching between dark and light woods. And placing the same flooring in similar rooms, such as a full bathroom and half bathroom, also makes your home appear more uniform.

You don't want your home's design to lack variety, but instead maintain a certain basic style from room to room. When you find materials and items that perfectly combine form and function for your bathroom design, you can use them to set the overall mood of your home, whether it's relaxed and comfortable, natural, or elegant.

Bathroom Floors Should Be Uniform

If you choose to use tile flooring in your bathrooms, you'll find many options that promote consistency without the need to match perfectly. When using the same tile in both a full and a half bath, for example, you can choose tile from the same series that varies in size or shape.

Try to opt for a more elaborate tile pattern in the full bathroom, and then lay the same tiles in a straightforward linear design for a simpler effect in your smaller half bath. You can also go with large-format tile for a bigger full bath and a smaller variation for half baths. And for added versatility, choose a cool neutral tile—perhaps one with veining that emulates the rich look of marble.

Mosaic Backsplashes Should Go Together

Rather than choosing different tile for each backsplash, which could end up competing with each other, consider using the same style in your bathrooms, but with minor tweaks. For example, try using mosaic tile to create a full accent wall behind a soaking tub in your full bath, and then use the same tile as a backsplash in your half bathroom. If you love the iridescent beauty of glass tile, for example, a modern mosaic can help you make an eye-catching statement in both your full and half baths.

Tile Accents Help Promote Consistency

Accent tiles provide another opportunity to maintain design consistency in your home. These finishing touches should maintain the same basic style in different rooms, even if you choose different colors or patterns. For instance, if you love the clean, crisp look of white in a bathroom, but worry about winding up with an overly stark design, work in color by adding a tile accent border or chair rail to the space. And for an ultramodern look, use large-format floor and wall tiles scattered around the bath or vanity, or break up a tile backsplash with a row of stone and glass blend mosaic accent tile.

As you sift through bathroom remodel ideas, certain designs or colors most likely stay in your mind. These preferred styles form your personal design profile, which can be carried throughout your home for a consistent look. Staying consistent and true to yourself when you remodel your bathrooms will result in designs you truly love.

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