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Bathroom Remodel Ideas Featuring Decorative Accent Tiles

Decorative accent tiles can help you take your bathroom remodel ideas to the next level in terms of style and design. Whether you add the gleam of glass tile, the glitter of metallic tile, or the colorful shine of mosaic tile to your bathroom, accent tile is a stylish design element that's sure to be noticed. Here are a few ways to use tile embellishments to take your bathroom design from ordinary to amazing.

Achieve a Glamorous Look with Mosaic Tile

If you add it all up, you might be surprised at how much time you spend in the bathroom. And whether you're in there to get ready for the day, to unwind with a bubble bath, to take a quick shower, or to put the finishing touches on your look, you may as well enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom.

You can make your bathroom a sophisticated, welcoming space by incorporating mosaic tile into your design. Check out the Tiger Eye line, for example. This glittery tile pattern comes in various color schemes, and is made of a variety of eye-catching glass and metallic tile. It can be used to give your bathroom a warm feel if you go with the brown and red color scheme, or a modern, classic vibe if you go with the black and gray color scheme. In any color and tile pattern, mosaic tile is an elegant way to add a little glamour to the bathroom.

Make an Impression with Colorful Glass Tile

When it comes to design, color is everything. You can add color to your bathroom space by incorporating glass tile into your design. For example, the Elemental Glass line comes in many shades. Each small tile is an explosion of vivid color that catches the eye and leaves a lasting impression. Cover your shower wall with crisp shades of green, bold shades of blue, or stunning shades of cranberry for a striking, but timeless, look. Egyptian Glass is another option that looks great when used on the sink, the tub surround, or in the shower. It's available in several gorgeous color blends, and will add color and sparkle to your design.

Brighten Up the Bathroom with Decorative Accents

Certain decorative tiles can really make your space shine. For instance, the City Lights features a mix of glass and metallic tile, and will catch the light to create a stunning look. This tile looks especially amazing when used in the shower or around the tub. Whether you do a single accent wall, or a strip of accent tile in the shower area, above the vanity, or around the room, this tile can help to transform your space. Choose a blue or pink scheme to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

Your bathroom remodel ideas are only limited to your own imagination. And decorative tile accents allow you to add your personality into your space while creating a standout design. Use metallic, glass, and mosaic accent tile to brighten up your space, show off your style, and make an impression on anyone who enters the space. Don't be afraid to get creative and think out of the box. Before you know it, you'll have a glamorous, elegant bathroom design that you can enjoy for years to come.

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