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Bathroom Design Ideas: Frame Your Mirror with Tile

The mirror above your bathroom vanity is the main focal point of the room. So when it comes to implementing your bathroom design ideas, why not frame the glass you look into multiple times a day with gorgeous tile? Use these ideas to design a tile frame that surrounds your mirror, and creates a simple, useful, attractive look.

Consider Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are often used on walls, and they can be used to frame your bathroom mirror. Pick up inspiration from your bathroom's surroundings. Imagine a frame of fall leaves, echoing those on the maple trees that brush up against your bathroom window. If you're a passionate gardener, you may want to trim your mirror with a mosaic of intertwined flowers. Or if you're into surfing or fishing, create a playful border of fish or waves around your mirror. Custom, ready-made mosaic tile murals, such as the marine-themed Glass Mosaics Murals that feature fish, sea turtles, and dolphins, can also be used around a mirror, and can even create a fun, kid-friendly look.

If you're into antiques, think about borrowing your bathroom design ideas from the vintage oriental rugs in the house. Focus on the border of your favorite, and then recreate the same look around your mirror. Going with mosaic tile will ensure that your mirror's border is one of a kind. The blended hues will create a three-dimensional effect that makes the element really pop. And if you have two white free-standing sinks that sit on top of a vanity, try installing two mirrors on the wall above, and then adding subtle white frames. For a beachy, textured look go with River Pebble tile, which is a stone mosaic that look looks like it would be found by the water.

Opt for Metallic Tile

Metallic elements are often featured within bathroom design ideas because they add some sparkle and a luxurious look that a home may otherwise be missing. In a home with high ceilings and a small bathroom, consider adding two tall mirrors above two sinks that sit on an antique gold-trimmed vanity. Frame the mirrors with gold wood, and pick up those same color flecks by adding a golden tile frame on the walls. Then use larger tiles in warm yellow tones for the floor, shower, and bathtub.

If you'd rather go with a silver theme for your bathroom, start with silver toned light fixtures. Pick up the same glittery, cool colors with a frame of silver metallic tile around your mirror. Then, to make your entire bathroom really pop, go with black flooring and a dark wall color. You can even go with embossed black tile for texture, which is a theme you can repeat within the shower surround.

If you'd rather go with a bronze metallic tile, go for a more earthy look by opting for a wood-tile frame around your mirror, and pairing it with a bronze sink. Then add texture with a large slate tile wall and pebble tile floor in your walk-in shower. For more inspiration, check out these mosaic pattern ideas, and use the mosaic pattern designer tool.

Go Natural with Wood

Tile that looks like wood, such as the Season Wood and Yorkwood Manor collections, is a great element for framing your bathroom mirror in a mountain cabin or a lakeside vacation home. Wood-look tile is long-lasting, and it holds up well against moisture. It's a modern material that can really set the stage for rest of your bathroom design ideas.

Wood gives off a rustic vibe, and it can easily be paired with other shades of wood and natural stone. To create a rustic bathroom, use large wood-look tile to frame your mirror, and pair it with a white porcelain sink that's reminiscent of an old wash basin. Set your sink atop an old cabinet and add a wall-mounted faucet in oil-rubbed bronze. Continue the old-country porcelain theme with a matching two-piece toilet, and finish it off with dark hardwood floors.

For a bathroom with a reclaimed-wood theme, consider installing narrow wood-look tile vertically on the main wall. Then install a simple antique oval mirror with embossed details over a salvaged porcelain sink. Continue the wood theme with a wood floor that's finished in a warmer tone and an antique claw-foot tub. On another wall, use wider wood-look tile to create a look that's harmonious and eclectic. Finish off the entire room with a white and navy rag rug.

Keep It White

You can use simple white materials to turn an ordinary bathroom mirror into a decorative focal point. Just make sure you make play with textures and patterns to keep things interesting. For instance, start by using Marble Falls in White Water around the mirror. Then use white ceramic tile and glass accent tile in the shower. Consider light neutral tones for other surfaces, such as marble on the vanity countertop and floor. For a different unexpected touch, use wood-look tiles in the lightest color available. Top off your floors with white cotton or faux fur throw rugs for the look of a sophisticated downtown spa.

White subway tile is another timeless choice for creating a vintage-style, contemporary, or Art Deco bathroom mirror frame. Available in glazed and matte finishes, subway tile is typically 3 x 6 inches in size. You can install it in the traditional brick pattern, or use tiles in two or more color shades for a look with more depth. Even opting for slight color variations will make your mirror frame appear more vibrant, and a grid pattern is also available for a more contemporary vibe. Combine the subway tile with strips of glass or mosaic tile for an unusual look that will really stand out.

Introduce Color to Your Design

If a monochrome design feels too ordinary for your bathroom mirror, consider going with a high-contrast look. For instance, why not pair two complementary colors together? Creating a frame around your mirror that features fuchsia or fire-engine red tile will give it a unique look. Pair the bold combination with a neutral gray or cream wall paint to really make it pop. To introduce subtle color to your space with your mirror's tile frame, consider going with field tile such as Cristallo Glass in Aquamarine, Peridot, or Smoky Topaz. These pale and neutral shades will help to open up a small bathroom or maximize natural light.

Whether you opt for wood-look tile, white subway tile, or metallic mosaic tile, adding style to your bathroom mirror will create a timeless look. It will blend in with rest of the room, while also creating a useful decorative element that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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