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Backsplash Ideas to Help Create Your Dream Kitchen

Modern kitchens blend functionality with comfort. No matter where your guests enter your home, there's a good chance that everyone gathers in the kitchen, sharing a cup of coffee or congregating at the table or center island. Your dream kitchen may include stainless steel appliances, large windows that filter the morning light into a breakfast nook, or contemporary fixtures that shine in the prep area. You also probably have some backsplash ideas in mind, but once you check out some of the newest design options, you'll most likely want to revise your initial wish list. Today's kitchen backsplash options range from classic to modern, with sparkly and textural options in between. Here are some of the latest tile trends that will work well for your new backsplash.

Artisan Appeal

If you enjoy the relaxed comfort of European cafes and bistros, you can now create this casual atmosphere right in your own kitchen using tile such as the Artigiano line. At first glance, this tile resembles a classic subway tile, but a closer study reveals so much more. The hand-painted, old-world appearance looks superb in a traditionally styled kitchen. These glossy brick-shaped tiles feature slightly irregular edges that take traditional beauty to a whole new level. They come in neutral colors that work well with almost any decor and add just the right amount of texture. The result is a stunning visual design element that can completely change the vibe of your kitchen. To increase the depth and drama of your space, consider a dual-toned placement by using a different shade of tile on the bottom half of the backsplash than the top half.


Adding a slight tweak to a classic style can take your backsplash design from common to extraordinary. If you like to stay on top of trends, consider styling your backsplash with a newer tile series like the Elevare series. This tile has a classic brick shape, but it’s simple, clean lines provide the perfect backdrop for a contemporary kitchen. A nod to recent European styles, a monochromatic design can be applied in a neutral color or a bolder option for even more dramatic flair.

Contemporary Styling

If you like the sleek, urban appeal of contemporary designs, why not extend your style to the backsplash? The brushed cement look is one of the latest trends in kitchen backsplash design, and it’s a look that you can easily create with the advanced technologies of imaged tiles. The Skybridge line, for example, will give you the same look that interior designers crave, along with the simple maintenance and stain resistance of tile. Created using Reveal Imaging, which is specialized digital imaging technology, this brick-joint mosaic will add an edge of drama to your ultramodern kitchen. This is one of many backsplash ideas that will help give your kitchen a contemporary feel that sets it apart from the rest.

Natural Beauty

The unique dimension of a natural stone backsplash adds a level of elegance and luxury to your kitchen that is unparalleled. Today's natural stone offerings have expanded in colors, sizes, and textures. For a show-home-worthy backsplash, go with stacked stone in a light gray tone. Other classic natural stone options range from marble and granite to travertine and limestone. The variety of different sizes and shapes of stone allow you to play with a variety of styles that range from brick-joint to chevron patterns. After you choose the right natural stone material, don't forget to choose the right finish. For example, you can soften the look of your kitchen with an aged appearance by using tumbled stone, or you can go with a smoother honed finish and add shine with polished marble.

Metallic Sheen

Metallic tile can add character to your kitchen and convert your backsplash into a stunning focal point. Contemporary kitchens shine when they feature metallic tile accents, but traditional decor can also benefit from adding the look of metal. For the ultimate metal look, consider covering your wall space with bronze or stainless steel metallic tile. This type of backsplash will complete an industrial-style kitchen. It will also mesh well with metal-shaded pendant lights and stainless-steel appliances. For example, a penny round metallic backsplash that resembles stainless steel is a perfect combination of retro and modern, and it would complement a wide range of kitchen styles. Other backsplash ideas consist of mixing metallic tile with glass and natural stone tile for a unique mosaic design.

Burst of Color

If you've spent time perusing the latest kitchen designs, you may have noticed the return of color. As the all-white trend begins to fade, brighter shades are slowly working their way back into the kitchen. Updating your backsplash with a colorful glass mosaic is one way to refresh and modernize your kitchen without having to do a complete renovation. Brightly hued glass tiles, such as those found in the Soiree line, add a dash of whimsy and cheerfulness to your kitchen. For a deeper hint of color, consider the beautiful tones of Jewel Tide mosaic tile, which features options that include lovely amber and red tones. Plus, the light-reflecting qualities of glass enhance the natural light, adding even more beauty and brightness to your kitchen.

Patterned Design

If you want your backsplash to be noticed, switching up the pattern is a must. We're all accustomed to seeing them arranged in the classic brick-joint or square patterns, so you can wake up your kitchen by taking a different tile approach. Once you've picked a tile for your backsplash, you can further enhance the design by playing with the layout. Consider placing linear-shaped tiles into a chevron pattern, for example. You can also run pencil mosaics vertically over small spaces or use unexpected geometric shapes in place of traditional shapes. Mix colors, add borders, and include accents. With today's limitless color choices, you can find colors and patterns to mix together that will perfectly complement your existing kitchen decor.

While backsplashes in the kitchen were once thought of as a neutral element that was mainly for wall protection, that's no longer the case. Contemporary tile designs have made that notable section between your counter and cabinets a wonderful place to play with color and express your style. A new backsplash can update your kitchen, and the latest modern styles fit in with nearly every decor. From metallic and glass tile, to natural stone and textured porcelain tile, new backsplash ideas are endless. One is sure to fit your design personality, so start your designing your new backsplash today.

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