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Backsplash Ideas for a Country-Style Kitchen

Whether it has a French, English, Tuscan, or American twist, country style kitchens are warm and welcoming. They often have painted, glazed cabinets with glass, wire, or metal inserts, woven baskets, breadboard, open shelving, and detailed moldings. Cabinets tend to be stained in a light shade, painted, or a mixture of both, and popular countertops include granite, slate, travertine, ceramic tiles, or wood. As with all backsplashes, your country-style backsplash ideas should coordinate with the countertop and cabinet materials. Luckily, there are many versatile tile options to choose from. Options include subway tile, natural stone tile, traditional porcelain field tile, and even glass mosaic tile. Here are some tips and ideas for your country-style kitchen backsplash.

Stone Tile

It isn't hard to come up with creative backsplash ideas that feature natural stone tile. Stone works well in country-style kitchens because of its versatility and the variety of options available. Pairing stone slab countertops with a natural stone tile backsplash is a very popular look. For instance, try going with a granite slab countertop and a slate tile backsplash. This will create a slightly rustic vibe that's casual yet stylish. For a modern twist, try going with a backsplash from the Slate Collection and pair it with a metal accent tile from the Metallic Massalia collection. You can then pair your slate backsplash with a matching slate farmhouse sink for a look that is country at its finest. As you experiment and gain confidence with tile materials and different options, try mixing and matching your countertop and backsplash tiles.

Granite is the most popular countertop material for good reason: It's beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to care for. It's the perfect countertop material for a country-style kitchen. There are a number of backsplash ideas that pair well with granite countertops, including matching granite tile and mosaic tile that has granite in the mix. This adds interest and contrast and will make a statement. One stunning collection of granite mix mosaic is Granite Radiance. Featuring a number of different shades and tile shapes, this mosaic pattern is a versatile country backsplash option.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has long been a staple for country-style kitchen designs. In addition to its standard look, it's also available in options that resemble metal and wood. It offers a number of textures, colors, and materials, and is often blended into mosaic designs. Try going with Stratford Blend mosaic tile on the backsplash with stone-look field tile and a coordinating solid semigloss field tile on either the countertop or as a border. Ceramic subway tile can also serve as a simple but effective backsplash. You can opt for a simple white subway tile or use it as a way to introduce color and style into your country kitchen. Subway tile comes in a variety of sizes, shades, and designs, including Festiva, Modern Dimensions (don't let the name fool you; it comes in a lot of great colors for a country kitchen), and Rittenhouse Square.

Metallic Tile

Metal is an important element in a country-style design—especially in French country and Tuscan styles. Metals are often warm and sometimes antique or distressed. Popular metals, particularly for French country and Tuscan styles, tend to be bronze, pewter, and copper. On the other hand, American-country designs often feature polished and brushed chrome and nickel. You can add the look of metal to your backsplash by opting for metallic tile, which is made of composite material and then topped with a metallic coating in order to provide the beauty and long-lasting characteristics of real metal. If a backsplash made entirely of metallic tile seems like too much for your space and style, tone down your design by using metallic tile as an accent. You can mix it with other materials, such as natural stone, stone-look, or ceramic tile, or opt for a mosaic tile that has a touch of metal, such as the Tiger Eye Mosaic collection. Today's country style can withstand a backsplash material and pattern that is somewhat contemporary if it is tempered with light cabinetry, light wood floors, a farmhouse sink, and vintage-style faucets.

When using a somewhat contemporary backsplash material in a country kitchen, play up other country design elements in order to balance the space. For example, nickel vintage-look faucets would look fantastic with the Bali mosaic tile in the Tiger Eye collection and a deep dark brown countertop. You could also go for Caspian tile alongside a deep gray countertop, polished chrome faucets, and a stainless-steel farm sink.


You've most likely seen backsplashes that feature medallions in design magazines and on websites, but have you ever thought of incorporating one into your own kitchen? A medallion might be the perfect addition to your country-style kitchen. Many medallions are made of stone or metallic mosaics. You can purchase a premade medallion mural for your backsplash to really give it a pop of country flair. Medallions look especially great in French country or Tuscan kitchens. For example, a stone and metallic medallion above the stove area provides a country look while still adding elegant texture to your wall space. Choose a medallion that reflects your personality and use it as a way to add your personality into your country-style kitchen design.

With so many types of tile available today, it isn't hard to come up with great backsplash ideas for your country kitchen. Consider all design elements, such as style, color, and texture, and decide if you want to go with field tile, mosaics, accent tiles, trim, or medallions. Mix and match materials in order to create tile combinations and patterns that are one of a kind. There are many tools available to help you design the perfect country kitchen backsplash. Start by coming up with a list of backsplash ideas, and then head over to the Daltile Home Decorator to test out your design. There are hundreds of tiles to choose from, and with a clear visual, you'll be able to find the perfect tile for you and your country kitchen.

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