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7 Ways to Decorate with White Granite Countertops

White granite is one of the most versatile countertop investments. Even if you aren't creating a kitchen design from scratch, this material can help to transform the space because of its timeless characteristics and dependable quality.

Granite is rarely a solid color, and the stone you're designing around may come with specks or veins of black, brown, copper, or gray—and that's okay. Here's how to work any white granite counter into seven dreamy, yet very different, kitchen styles.

Timeless and Classic

Designing a kitchen with classic style leaves a lot of room for interpretation. However, to put it simply, it's an evergreen design—one that won't offend or go out of fashion any time soon. Snow white granite counters, such as Cotton Whitefrom the Granite Collection, add an airy tone. Then continue the light vibe with simple white cabinets, pale flooring, and an ever-trendy white backsplash, such as one made with subway tile.

If this seems too bland for your design palette, opt for a black, gray, or brown mosaic backsplash, pulling the hue from naturally occurring flecks or veins in a mottled white granite countertop. Include plenty of sparkle with glass, crystal, and stainless steel elements for a design that's as classically elegant as it is trendy.

Modern Country

Some white granite slabs appear almost gray, as seen in the Ashen White stone. To amplify the modern country design, replace your wood cabinets with new white ones that sport a little vintage persona. Keep in mind that anything too sleek or contemporary will deflate the country vibe.

Wood-inspired floor tile and highly patterned gray-on-white French Country wallpaper can give your kitchen a fresh, pastoral edge. Carry these features into an adjoining dining room or pantry to maximize the effect and stretch every square foot.

To keep the look of your country kitchen warm and cozy, opt for an off-white granite slab or one that has plenty of coppery brown specks. Then, welcome your guests with a timeworn farmer's table and mismatched antique dining chairs, finished in a distressed white to complement your good-looking countertops.

For a more modern country scene, switch vintage chairs for shapely white acrylic ones. This will give your laid-back design a whimsical, contemporary edge. Finish the upgrade by swapping white sheers for contemporary white shutters, which will play off the color of the granite countertops.

Daringly Industrial

Pale granite is so versatile that it even works in an extreme industrial kitchen. Choose a white granite slab that has a touch of gray to complement the concrete flooring. You can even have the countertop slab installed on sturdy metal garage cabinets as a daringly unexpected element. Then push the design even further by choosing cabinets with a high-gloss red or blue finish.

If you prefer, line the kitchen's perimeter with streamlined metal cabinetry, and use a color-forward freestanding garage work table as the island, letting the white granite counters pull the different elements together. For a streamlined, industrial effect, install the same white granite on the wall, from the counter to the ceiling. This free and fluid look takes the chill out of an otherwise cold design, but without throwing off its cool, edgy structure.

Warmly Industrial

"Warm" and "industrial" may sound contradictory, pertaining to kitchen design, but together, they create a modern take on a somewhat cold setting. All you have to do is pair white granite countertops with warm wood cabinets rather than metal ones. Leave everything else as is. The idea is to include a material, such as wood, that looks almost out of place, but not dated.

In this case, choose a contemporary cabinet style, such as one with a sleek horizontal grain and without pulls. The effect is clean enough to work well with concrete underfoot, yet warm enough to mix things up. If you like, opt for wood lower cabinets and glossy white upper cabinets to reconnect with the white countertop. Add a granite-wrapped island to the space for high impact and remember that the fewer materials you add to this design, the better the industrial effect will be.

Trendy and Hip

When you pair white slab counters with Danish-inspired cabinets, you can create a very hip and trendy design. You can't go wrong by choosing a sleek design that resembles midcentury modern furniture, so go with middle-tone wood cabinets.

You can even create a black-and-white design to play up salt-and-pepper granite, such as the Chloe White stone. When paired with a base of modern linear flooring, either design is sure to keep your kitchen in style for the long haul.

Bright and Bold

If you have a downtown condo and fashion-forward design sensibilities, consider going for a brightly colored kitchen with white countertops. In a bold and colorful space, the horizontal plane created by the light granite counters acts as an outline, which can be used to trace high-gloss aqua, orange, or lime cupboards. Carry the cabinetry color onto the walls in the form of glass mosaic tile for even more texture and impact.

Although you can accessorize the space with a complementary hue, such as cobalt blue to cool down sunflower yellow, try to limit additional colors. Instead, introduce more white throughout the space—in the flooring, stools, and appliances.

Rustic Retreat

Your home away from home should be as welcoming as your primary residence, making the kitchen design important. White counters offer an airy look, and they work well in a variety of settings, from a small summer cabin on the lake to a rustic mountain chalet.

White surfaces reflect more light than dark surfaces, which helps to make a small room seem more spacious. Take advantage of this effect by creating an all-white kitchen, except for the floor—you don't want to eliminate the rustic vibe altogether, after all. Chalet ColorBody porcelain floor tile offers a natural wood look and other attributes that suit the attractive white kitchen and free-spirited vacation lifestyle. If you have space for an island, clad it with wood-look tile for a butcher-block effect that's as whimsical as it is rustic and easy to clean.

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