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6 Simple Bathroom Makeovers

Spring's bright sunshine can sometimes highlight the areas of your home that are in need of some care after a long winter. The bathroom is one space where you may want to take action to remove the dust, dirt, and germs that have accumulated during the colder months. Here are six great ideas to transform your bathroom into a place where you find peace and serenity.

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1. Unclutter the Space

One of the easiest bathroom makeovers is to uncover underlying beauty by removing excess clutter. Over time, your collection of bath and beauty products expands, and spring is a perfect time to sift through your bathroom drawers, baskets, and cabinets. Check expiration dates on the products in your medicine cabinet and toss anything you haven't used in a while.

2. Turn up the Light

As you go through your morning routine, natural lighting will provide the gentle encouragement to help you wake up and start your day right. Removing heavy window treatments will allow for more natural light and will instantly brighten your bathroom. If privacy is a concern, sheer curtains will give you the privacy you need while still allowing light to pass through. Another way to brighten your bathroom is to incorporate glass mosaic tile on the walls. The glass tile will reflect the natural light from your windows throughout the room.

3. Regrout Tiled Areas

Redoing the grout around your bathroom wall tiles can be a simple do-it-yourself job that will take years off your bathroom's appearance. Even when properly sealed, bathroom grout can become discolored and moldy due to constant humidity and moisture. There are a variety of tools that can help you remove old grout, including a basic grout saw and an oscillating power tool with a grout removal attachment. After removing the old grout, vacuum up any dust and then simply apply fresh grout. Your floor, shower, or backsplash will look new without having to replace the tile you love.

4. Replace Outdated Tile

Replacing old tile on floors and walls will not only give your bathroom an instant face-lift, but will lead to a high return on investment. Modern bathroom floor tile ideas include replacing small tiles with larger ones to make a smaller bathroom look bigger, or trading in square tiles for a fun geometric shape. You can also opt to use white subway tiles to complete your contemporary design.

5. Extend Your Backsplash

Rather than repainting your faded wall color around the sink and vanity, you can refresh your bathroom by adding or extending your backsplash. Textured tile will revitalize a simply decorated space, and glass mosaic tile will brighten up a small space. This will give you the opportunity to incorporate your personality into the design, while also protecting your walls from splashes of water.

6. Update Fixtures and Accessories

Swapping out an old faucet for a newer style is one way to instantly improve the look of your bathroom space. Chrome is a classic finish for bathroom fixtures, but other choices include brushed nickel, bronze, and pewter. If your soap dishes, toothbrush holders, or other bathroom accessories are dated, replace them with something fresh and new to achieve a modern look. If your fixtures are round, consider adding a round mosaic tile to your backsplash for a cohesive look.

Bathroom makeovers can be quick and easy to accomplish by making just a few small changes. This season, go one step beyond spring cleaning and make changes that breathe new life into your bathroom space.

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