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5 Ways to Include Concrete Tiles in Your Home Design

If you're planning a major home remodel or just looking to refresh your kitchen or pool area, you can bring an industrial look to your home by using concrete tiles. Porcelain tile that closely resembles concrete offers the best of both worlds: the modern, clean appearance of concrete and the versatility and easy maintenance of porcelain. If you want to go beyond the floor and incorporate concrete-look tiles throughout your home, here are five creative ideas to get you started:

Frame Your Fireplace

A fireplace should always be the focal point of a room, and the addition of concrete-look tiles is a beautiful way to make that happen. The tiles can be arranged in a pattern to frame a fireplace of any size, so the options are endless. You can cover the whole fireplace or just add a simple concrete-look border. Adding a matching mantle is also an option, and it's the perfect way to display a variety of mementos while adding a decorative element.

Add Texture to Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen design need a special touch? Try adding a concrete-look backsplash or accent wall as an unexpected element. Even tricky kitchen nooks will be easy to tile. This is a simple way to add an industrial look to your kitchen, and the added texture will give the overall design more depth and dimension.

Concrete Connections

Incorporate Accent Tiles

You can add a contemporary flair to any wall, floor, or countertop using concrete-look tiles. The classic, natural look of concrete combined with the versatility and long-lasting quality of porcelain makes concrete-look tiles perfect for just about any design. Daltile's Concrete Connection™ is available in a variety of timeless shades, so you can choose a style that will stand out, add a special touch to your space, and draw attention to where you want it.

Spruce Up Pool and Spa Areas

Outdoor and indoor pool and spa areas need versatile tiles that can be shaped and designed to fit in unique spaces. Concrete tiles made from porcelain are the perfect option, and the natural look is the perfect complement for outdoor areas. The concrete look also creates an attractive contrast next to blue pool water, and the ease of installing and cutting porcelain will allow you to customize your tile design.

Opt for Dramatic Floors

Bring the outdoors in with concrete flooring. A stunning addition to any space, porcelain tile that resembles concrete offers the same attractive, modern look indoors as it does outdoors. Porcelain tile is easy to cut for odd-sized and asymmetrical spaces and is easy to clean and maintain. With tile that looks like concrete, you can add exquisite flooring to your home.

It's not possible to list all creative ways to use concrete-look tiles. Because they're made of porcelain, they are extremely sturdy and versatile. Start by choosing the perfect color, pattern, and size tile that complements your decor. Then, use these tiles to incorporate your personal taste into your design.

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