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5 Tile Decorating Ideas for Your Winter Cottage

If your winter getaway is lacking character, you can create a more modern vibe by infusing contemporary decorating ideas into the space. One way to give your winter cottage a face-lift is to add the right tile designs. For example, the sleek appearance of industrial-looking tile will perfectly complement a winter backdrop. Here are five ways to update your winter cottage with tile:

1. Nod to Nature with the Look of Stone

You can incorporate natural elements into your winter cottage, while still making it look elegant. Natural stone tile has a luxurious look that makes any space shine. For example, the Florentine line has the elegance of stone, plus bands of color that run across the surface to add natural detail.

On the other hand, City View ColorBody porcelain tiles look like trendy limestone, but they're made out of versatile porcelain. These tiles can be cut in any shape and placed in a variety of different patterns. They have a slightly mottled look to create a stone-look design, and they come in a variety of shades that will look great with your existing decor. Choose from a variety of options and make your cottage gleam with the high-end look of stone flooring.


2. Create a Modern, Rustic Look

Give your winter cottage a little country charm—the Italian countryside, that is. In order to give your winter getaway an old-world look, consider adding Cliff Pointe ColorBody porcelain to your design. It comes in deep shades, such as Redwood (a terra-cotta shade) and Mountain (a pale gray), and it's designed with a speckled, marbleized look. By covering your floors with this tile option, your winter cottage will look luxuriously rustic.

3. Focus on a Colorful Focal Point

Do your favorite decorating ideas bring a lot of color to the table? Luckily, you can create a focal point for your space by adding a splash of color with mosaic tile. The Color Wave line, for example, comes in many patterns and colors, so consider using it to create a stand-out accent wall that will brighten up any room.

4. Walk on Wood

Add the look of wood to your winter cottage in order to create a feeling of comfort and warmth. After all, what's more welcoming and cozy than the richness of wood? Forest Park ColorBody porcelain features all the beauty of wood, and it comes in several nature-inspired shades that range from light to dark. The tiles are made with realistic details that resemble wood grain, giving you the textured look of real wood alongside the practical construction of porcelain tile.

Forest Park

5. Add Contemporary Edge to Your Design

Why not get a little fun and edgy when giving your winter cottage a face-lift? The look of cement is contemporary and on-trend. For example, Imagica ColorBody porcelain has jagged color striations running through it and multiple color shades that each offer a rustic, natural look.

With these tile ideas, you can make your winter getaway a place that you really want to escape to. Explore your options and consider these tips in order to make the space feel luxurious and inviting.

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