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4 Ways to Use Wall Tiles in Your Living Room and Dining Room

Using wall tiles to decorate your entertaining rooms is an overlooked but elegant way to add character. These spaces are often used to entertain guests in a way that's different from simply gathering around a kitchen countertop. Wining and dining goes to another level altogether when you're dressed in your finest clothes and sitting around a dining room table, or mingling in the living room with cocktails and appetizers before everyone sits down for dinner and dessert.


The walls in your living and dining room can be used to make the space pop. Here are four creative ways to decorate your living and dining room walls with tile:

1. Make Your Fireplace the Center of Attention

The fireplace is a spot that naturally draws guests—especially when it's lit on a cold winter afternoon or evening. In order to make this gathering spot stand out, try framing it with metallic accent tiles. This is a chic way to combine traditional elegance with a modern, dramatic look, and it will blend seamlessly into a multitude of fashionable settings. Start by choosing a motif that works with your style—a fleur-de-lis, dragonfly, or flower. You can repeat the pattern on the hearth for an eye-catching conversation piece that's bound to spark conversations between your guests. You may even want to use the same tiles in your adjoining dining room to visually tie the two rooms together.

2. Express Yourself with Tile Wainscoting

While conventional wainscoting consists of wooden paneling that lines the lower walls in a room, you may want to create the same effect with porcelain tile in order to visually tie your dining room and living room together. These tile panels will also draw the eye to the waist level, making a space feel cozier and high ceilings appear a little lower. Finish off the paneling with a row of accent or trim tile for a polished appearance. This is a classic way to decorate entertaining rooms. If it's done right, it will meet the height of the couch or love seat in your living room, or the chairs in your dining room, creating an overall seamless look.

3. Draw the Eye Upward

The drama and texture of a border of accent tiles at the top of a wall resembles the tin ceilings installed during the Victorian era. These pressed tin squares featured embossed leaves, berries, and trelliswork on the ceilings of their homes and storefronts, and new metallic tiles mimic the look perfectly. This type of adornment tends to visually lower the ceiling, making the room appear more intimate and inviting. Placing accent tiles within a border also looks beautiful when used along the top of a wall.

4. Create Ledges for Artwork, Candles, and Drinks

If you're pressed for space in either your living or dining room, consider creating built-in ledges that are decorated with colorful wall tiles on the side. A larger ledge can be used in lieu of a traditional sideboard, and can serve as a place where you can set up a buffet or a mini bar. Smaller ledges made of tile can also be used to prop up photos, candles, and other mementos. And during the holidays, these ledges are a perfect spot to add holly, ribbons, and other festive touches.

Whether you adorn your living room with wall tiles on your fireplace, add wainscoting to your dining room, or create texture with a ceiling-level border or artistic ledges, it's difficult to go wrong when you use tile to spruce up your entertaining rooms. You can choose one of these ideas, or you can mix and match for a design that really stands out. For example, imagine a fireplace surround and hearth with matching wainscoting tile. Or you can skip the wainscoting altogether and use the same tile on the fireplace and in a border by the ceiling. Regardless of the design you choose, tile can give your space a warm and welcoming feeling in a creative way.

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