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4 Trendy Stone Look Tile Flooring Options to Consider

Once installed, your tile flooring should be a source of beauty and comfort in your home. For an elegant design that's easy to care for, try going with a stone-look tile. With so many new colors, sizes, and finishes to choose from, stone-look tile is a fantastic, low-maintenance flooring option. It captures the rich texture of natural stone, and it provides the same long-lasting qualities and resistance to moisture as porcelain tiles. Here are four great stone-look flooring options—and the benefits of each—to consider:

1. Marble-Look Tile Offers Modern Appeal

Marble is making a comeback, thanks to new cutting and finishing processes. To emulate the beauty of this natural stone, River Marble is a tile that carries the same signature veining and colors, but it also features the practical characteristics of porcelain. Like true marble, the River Marble series is available in both matte and polished finishes. Other stone-look tile options embrace the look of modern marble with contemporary, large-format sizes. Thanks to its sophisticated appearance, marble-look tile flooring is perfect for updating your living room or entryway.

River Marble

2. Tile That Looks like Limestone Is Timeless

Limestone is a timeless, natural stone that has been used in homes for centuries. Suited to a wide range of design profiles, limestone's versatility and color variations increase the richness of any decor. If you love the look of limestone, but desire a porcelain tile that's suitable for high-traffic areas, a stone-look tile may be the perfect match for you. For example, the stone-look Ever series mimics the characteristics of limestone with microflakes that add texture and an organic-looking color variance.

3. Tile That Looks like Travertine Offers a Trendy Feel

You can create a trendsetting style with stone-look tile that captures the beauty of travertine. The Exquisite line, for example, offers a stunning visual representation of two different cuts of travertine. This updated look is completely on trend with large-format tiles, and it combines the essence of travertine with the dependability of porcelain.


4. Slate-Look Tile Adds a Touch of Rustic Charm

If you love the rustic charm of slate flooring, consider Continental Slate, which is a stone-look tile series that can be used for both interior and exterior applications. With an amazingly realistic cleft surface and color patterns that are reminiscent of true natural stone, this tile perfectly captures the look of real slate, but it gives you the benefits of long-lasting, easy-to-care-for porcelain tile.

The incredibly realistic appearance of today's stone-look tile provides you with excellent tile flooring options for areas where natural stone may not be the best choice. If you love the look of stone, but can't part with the practicality of porcelain, then stop by a tile design center today and check out the newest stone-look tile designs.

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