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4 Marble Flooring Options for a Classic Home

Marble flooring is an elegant option for any space. It creates a feeling of opulence and luxury, while still being classic and understated. If you're planning a flooring renovation or project, it is a material that's worth considering. Luckily, there are many ways to add the grandeur of a marble floor to your home. Here are four inspirational ideas to consider if you're interested in adding new marble floors or marble-look porcelain floors to your home.

1. Add a Marble Mosaic to the Entryway

You want to wow people right away from the moment they enter your home, and marble flooring is a great way to do just that. When your guests enter your home and step onto the beauty of marble tiles, they're going to notice the neutral colors and subtle striations right away. Florentine floor and mosaic tile are perfect for just about any entryway because it comes in various shapes and sizes. Made of glazed porcelain, Florentine tile gives the realistic appearance of marble. It's easy to install and gives off a polished sheen that will help complete any space.

2. Give the Bathroom an Elegant Vibe

When you want to make a room look luxurious, add marble. When used as a flooring material, it can elevate an entire room with an elegant look. When designing your bathroom, start by deciding if you want small or large tiles, and if you want a classic straight pattern or a staggered look. Then check out the Marble Collection, which offers a wide array of options. Colors range from delicate pink to bold black, so you can truly create any design you want. Go for high contrast in stunning shades of white, gray, and black, or use color to give your bathroom a fun element.

3. Make Your Pool Stand Out

The lining of your pool or spa is a perfect spot for adding the look of marble. The natural striations of marble almost resemble the movement of water, and if you place marble-look tile on the lining of your pool, the light will dance across the waves to give the entire space an amazing, inviting look. Marble Falls ceramic tile echoes all the natural beauty of marble and comes in a handful of realistic shades and patterns. It's sure to give the lining of your pool or spa a perfectly polished look.

4. Create a Dramatic Den

The varied color tones and rich striations of marble can create a dramatic look when used in a den or living room. It can transform a casual room into one that glows with sophisticated beauty. For example, consider adding River Marble porcelain tile to your den. It comes in rich shades and features a high level of detail and realistic texture. The shine and strength of porcelain tile makes it a suitable option for a living area, and it will still allow you to create a dramatic, unique design.

Marble flooring comes in an array of colors and options. Some tiles are even made out of other materials but are manufactured to look like marble. This gives you the ability to add the natural look of marble to any space. It's beautiful in the kitchen, eye-catching in the living room, breathtaking in the bathroom, and gorgeous in the entryway. The magic of marble flooring is that it instantly makes any space look elegant and well-designed, and that's the great design foundation you want in every room of your home.

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