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3 Unique Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Who says your bathroom flooring has to be laid out in simple squares? Tile can be used to create any kind of design you want. Whether you go with the rich look of wood, the natural shapes of stone, or a unique pattern, there are many ways to get creative and add your personality into your bathroom design through your flooring material. Here is a closer look at some of the more unique tile options that are available for your bathroom floor.

Step onto Stylish Stone-Look Tiles

Natural stone is a classic bathroom material that instantly adds traditional beauty to any space. Stone tiles often feature bands of different color shades that come together to create an interesting, unique look. For example, Cortona glazed porcelain has all the beauty of real natural stone and comes in several natural colors.

Glazed porcelain is offered in several shapes and size, so you can get creative when it comes to choosing a pattern for your floor. For example, you could go with a checkerboard pattern that consists of a light neutral shade of stone-look porcelain tile and a darker stone-look tile. The contrast between the two different shades will be sophisticated and appealing to the eye.

Create the Look of a Luxurious Lodge

Wood-look tile is a perfect alternative to real wood in the bathroom because it holds up well to water, moisture, and everyday wear—and it's easy to clean, which any homeowner will appreciate.

For example, Acacia Valley ColorBody porcelain tile has the same rich color variations as natural wood. It comes in multiple natural shades and looks extremely elegant when used on the floor of a bathroom. It's created with Tru-Edge technology, which reduces the size of grout lines, giving it an extremely sophisticated, realistic look.

Marble in Your Bathroom for Marvelous Design

Marble adds high-end style to any room, but it looks especially striking in the bathroom. Striations of color run through marble to give it a look that resembles flowing water. It looks trendy and modern, but also clean and luxurious.

For example, Esta Villa glazed porcelain tile offers the same high-end look as marble, but has the versatility of porcelain. It comes in a few neutral shades and can be cut and shaped to be the perfect fit for any space. Another option is Florentine glazed porcelain, which comes in a handful of color options, including a classic white and gray option that will add a timeless touch to any bathroom.

The flooring you choose for your bathroom will serve as the foundation for the entire space. You can make the floor the focal point or have it be a classic, clean, textured backdrop for the rest of your design. With innovative bathroom flooring options, such as the bold, luxurious look of wood or the timeless, unique look of natural stone, you'll be able to create a bathroom design you can love for years.

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