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3 Unexpected Ways to Use Glass Tile


You're convinced of the beauty of a glass backsplash in the kitchen. You already love the idea of making your shower distinctive with glass tile. Lest you think you've exhausted the applications of glass tile, we've compiled three more places glass tile belongs in your home.


The hearth may be the last place you expect to see glass, but glass tile makes a beautiful and durable surround for your fireplace. Glass tile captures the firelight and enlarges it, making your hearth magical and cozy.

Glass tile is great for the fire place because it doesn't stain, it's easy to clean, and it's extremely tough—all things you want for your hearth. Individual glass tiles can be fragile, but when placed together in a mosaic, they withstand the test of time. 

We suggest the glass tile mosaics from the Serenade series. They offer color blends that work well with many color schemes and designs. The individual tiles are wide rectangles of differing heights that come together for a dazzling effect.

Clio™ Mosaics™ is very similar to Serenade, but has less color variation for a more harmonious look. The finish has a softer look than most glass tiles, which many homeowners prefer in living areas. This new series offers you a unique option for your home.

City Lights™ is our pick for high-gloss tile around the hearth. It draws attention to your hearth with its highly-reflective surface and vibrant colors. You can use it right in the fire compartment for the full effect.


Accent walls take the backsplash one step further. Why limit that beautiful tile to the sink? Extend it across the whole wall. Or get crazy and use it on a wall that doesn't even need a backsplash. 

Select glass to create a reflective subway tile pattern. You won't see its match for maximizing natural light in any other tile. 

Once again, it's durable and comes in the colors you crave for a custom-look in a classic pattern. We recommend the Color Wave™ series for your glass subway tile project. It comes in various sizes so you're not limited to tiny tiles but can use a traditional subway pattern or spin it for a transitional subway tile design.

Color Wave™ has an incredible variety of neutral colors that go beyond brown or gray and include dusky purples, blues, and greens. You can also select a vibrant color in the moody tones of the moment like lemon, lime, turquoise, red, and orange. Or enjoy a mosaic of your favorite neutrals.

Color Wave

You know glass tile is great for the pool. But did you consider other outdoor applications? Glass is primarily valued for its reflective qualities but don't forget that it withstands the elements better than many ceramic or porcelain tiles can. They clean up easily and look just like new after a good cleaning.

The outdoor space welcomes the use of color and creative art more than the interior space so take the opportunity to do something different. Use glass for a water feature or fountain or as the basis of your outdoor kitchen. Adorn benches, signs, and art. Create your own mosaic design with 1 x 1s or splurge on a mural.

The sea life depicted in our Glass Mosaics Murals series is generally reserved for pools, but you can extend the attitude of the pool by continuing the motif in the rest of your outdoor space. Glass tile pictures can be custom-made by your designer or you can enjoy our premade mural elements. 

Elevate the feel of your backyard with tile in a different shape or that mimics natural stone from our Uptown Glass™ series. Get the look of marble or onyx in a less expensive glass tile.

Uptown Glass

Glass tile is so versatile you can put it just about anywhere. But don't forget, especially when you put it outdoors, that glass tile is not rated for flooring applications. Follow manufacturer guidelines for application of all types of tile. 

Discover the limitless uses of glass tile. Take a look at the many options available in glass tile at Daltile today.

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