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3 Types of Countertops for the At-Home Chef

If you love to cook, then you understand the importance of a functional surface. Countertops should look beautiful, but they also must be able to handle the tasks involved in meal preparation, such as rolling dough, slicing vegetables, and preparing sauces. A countertop material that can withstand heat and scratches, which is also relatively easy to clean up, is the ultimate dream for most at-home chefs. Whether you're going for a minor face-lift or a complete renovation, consider using one of these three types of countertops if you like to cook:

1. One™ Quartz

One Quartz is a popular product for those who love to make the most of their family dinners at home. The solid, nonporous texture of quartz countertops reduces the chance of bacteria growth. One Quartz is stain-resistant, although spills should be wiped up promptly. In terms of maintenance, it's a great countertop material because it's easy to clean up splatters from spaghetti sauces and doesn't require a sealer. It's also resistant to heat and scratches.

Aesthetically, One Quartz is made of 93 percent natural quartzite, which offers consistent color and visual movement. With over 30 colors and patterns to choose from, the wide range of design options is another great benefit of One Quartz. No matter what style of kitchen you have, there's bound to be a color that works well.

2. Granite

Like One Quartz, granite countertops hold up extremely well to wear and are easy to maintain. The key difference between the two materials is that granite is made up of 100 percent natural stone and will require a sealer. This highly scratch-resistant surface is preferred by top chefs. Spills are easily wiped clean from sealed granite and there's little risk of staining if clean promptly. Granite also provides a stunning visual which gives a high-end look to your kitchen. The durability and easy maintenance also work well for at-home chefs who love to entertain. When you're running behind with meal prep and the doorbell rings, you can quickly clean the surface and it will look fantastic by the time your company makes their way into the kitchen.

3. Natural Quartzite

In addition to granite and quartz, natural quartzite is a popular countertop product. It features the same long-lasting characteristics as both granite and One Quartz, and like granite, natural quartzite is extremely functional, making it the perfect countertop material for a busy kitchen. The colors of quartzite are limited to mostly neutral tan and gray hues, but some other color options are available. If you're looking for a natural alternative to granite, you may want to consider going with natural quartzite countertops.

If you spend a lot of time cooking and baking, investing in a countertop material that will serve its purpose and hold up to years of wear and tear will make your kitchen even more enjoyable. The best types of countertops for at-home chefs include One Quartz, granite, and natural quartzite. With three solid options, you're free to choose the material that looks best in your kitchen.

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