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3 Reasons Why Limestone Tile Flooring Is Right for You

Limestone flooring offers superior comfort, the ability to stand up to wear, and a range of subtle color variations to match any style. This classic flooring choice, with its organic color palette, adds an old-world charm to any type of decor. Modern limestone floor tiles can be cut in large-format, plank, and other geometric shapes, which increases their overall design versatility. So, if you're considering new tile flooring, there are many great reasons to take a closer look at limestone.

It's a Great Alternative to Hardwood

With its neutral palette and highly textured appearance, limestone tile flooring emulates the natural beauty of hardwood, but it still gives you the hard-wearing, long-lasting qualities of a natural stone product. If you're looking for a modern take on classic limestone, the Chenille White option is vein-cut. As a result, striations in the tile resemble the natural variations of hardwood, combined with the unique character of natural stone. For rooms where, natural stone seems more practical than hardwood, limestone plank-shaped tile can add a similar rustic, textured charm. Some limestone flooring options are also suitable for exterior applications, and they can add a rustic, natural look to your walkway or outdoor space.

It Comes in Diverse Styles and Colors

Limestone's wide range of natural colors makes it a great flooring option for just about any space. It's available in soft browns, creams, and grays, and it can provide exceptional design versatility as an understated, yet classic, flooring option. It also comes in a range levels of variation—from combinations that vary slightly to multiple distinct hues with greater variation in veining and color. Limestone can be arranged in a multitude of patterns, including a classic square arrangement, a mixed Versailles pattern, or a modern chevron motif. The modern sizes and formats of limestone tile flooring help further expand the design capabilities of this versatile stone, and it's available in a variety of finishes that range from a glossy polished sheen to a matte, honed finish.

It Offers Superb Functionality

Limestone possesses the resiliency and longevity that's typical of authentic natural stone flooring. However, limestone has a bit of a softer feel. Its texture provides a comfortable flooring surface and helps it to be relatively easy to maintain. Limestone tiles must be sealed, which makes them easy to clean and allows for dust and debris to be simply swept up. Like all-natural stone floors, you'll want to avoid contact with abrasive products in order to keep the tiles looking their best.

As a natural stone product, limestone comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. Each option carries a unique appearance, ensuring that there is an option for every design. If you're looking for the perfect blend of beauty and longevity, you can't go wrong with limestone tile. To see the latest styles and colors available, stop by a Daltile Stone Showroom.

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