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3 Backsplash Ideas to Modernize Your Vacation Home

Your vacation home is the perfect place for you to get away, whether that means hosting parties, relaxing near the water, or curling up with a good book. You want your home to look fresh for you—and your guests—so it's important to keep it updated. If it's been a while since you last renovated your kitchen or bathroom, adding a new backsplash is the perfect way to give the space an instant face-lift. Here are three backsplash ideas that will add some personality to your favorite home away from home.

Consider Metallic Tiles

If you're looking to update your backsplash in an edgy way, try adding metallic tiles to your design. They allow you to give your space a completely different look and require relatively low maintenance.

When choosing a metallic tile, there is a diverse range of options to choose from. It's available in various shades of iron, bronze and gunmetal, and numerous styles, patterns and finishes. With so many options, metallic tile is gaining in popularity for homeowners who are looking to add a modern touch above their sinks, stovetops and countertops. Regardless of what color or style you choose, metallic tiles instantly add a sleek touch to your vacation home's overall design.

Incorporate Tile Borders

A unique way to give your backsplash a personal touch is to strategically incorporate a tile border. This is a great way to frame your design, and it will allow you to mix different materials for a unique look. For example, if you opt for a natural stone facade as your primary backsplash material, a metallic tile border could take your design to the next level. Glass mosaic tile and metallic tile are also complementary, and when placed next to each other, they add an effortless eye-catching glisten to your design. Consider adding tile border pieces from the Fashion Accents line for a modern, timeless look.

Look to Nature

If you own a vacation home, you most likely chose its location based on its surroundings. Whether you're on a sandy white beach in Florida or a densely wooded area in the Great Smoky Mountains, the natural beauty of the outdoors can help inspire your new backsplash. Try opting for a natural backsplash material, such as natural stone tile, for example. This will help bring the outdoors inside and give your vacation home a touch of modern luxury.

If the kitchen or bathroom in your vacation home is in need of a quick and easy update, a new backsplash can go a long way. Adding metallic tile, various border tile, or getting inspired by nature are just a few ways to add your personality to the space through a new backsplash. Take these backsplash ideas and check out the Tile and Stone Visualizer to create the best design plan for your vacation home backsplash.

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