Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bathroom Trends

When your bathroom is ready for an update and you don't know where to start, look to the year's trends to define your style. Start collecting some bathroom remodel ideas, then you can create a unique design you'll be happy with through the years.

Here are the trends that made the top of our list.



Mix up your bathroom design with different materials. Wood and glass work great together. Or try marble and wood. There are all sorts of combinations that can form a solid design foundation without becoming overbearing. 

Bathroom Tile Ideas
Wood-look tile is a great option for the bathroom where wood might be a no-no. Our wood portfolio has grown a lot in the last year so there's plenty to choose from. Add to that a gorgeous glass or elegant marble mosaic and you're set.

Photo features Multitude in Urban Grey Wave and Origami White Hexagon 12 x 24 wall tile.



A little texture on the wall is a hot trend in 2017. Tile is a great way to get it. Whether it's a raised geometric shape or rustic, split face stone, texture will add a richness to the space you can't get any other way. The shower is the number one place to put textured tile in 2017. It lends a spa feel and makes your bathroom luxurious.

Bathroom Tile Ideas
Multitude is Daltile's latest and greatest textured tile. It comes in a wave, pinstripe, or hexagon raised pattern that seamlessly flows from one tile to the next for interrupted texture. Pick from muted, neutral colors perfect for the bathroom.



Elegant, free-standing tubs in all sorts are hot in 2017. Whether you're talking about a vintage version or a sleek Scandinavian type, these tubs make the bathroom special. Wall-mounted faucets are on-trend too. 
Bathroom Tile Ideas
Both free-standing tubs and wall-mounted faucets are perfect companions to a feature wall covered in tile. Large-format tile in a stone look or sleek concrete look is on-trend. Or try a unique mosaic to add a little bling to the space.

Photo features Ion Metals tile in Antique Nickel 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 field tile with 1/2 x 6 and 1 x 6 Rope liners on the backsplash. Countertop features Calacatta Gold Marble.



Another hot trend in 2017 is unique lighting. Chandeliers over the tub and sconces over the vanity. The right lighting sets the tone for an upscale bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Ideas
Tile looks great in any light, but if you're going for something worthy of your chandelier, go with a neutral matte stone or a concrete look that won't steal the show from your chandelier.



Patterns of all kinds are a hit in bathroom design this year. Prints on the tile give you a high contrast retro look that still exudes fresh style. Or create patterns like herringbone or checkerboard with your tile for a design worth paying attention to. 

Bathroom Tile Ideas
Subway tile is easy to create patterns with as the size is easy to work with and series like Rittenhouse Square come in so many colors. Try an updated subway look with Artigiano or natural stone.

Wood-look planks are another great option for patterning. Our latest, Woodbridge is the perfect size for herringbone, in a narrower format, 4 x 28. It won't overwhelm the room and adds personality.



Last year, Pantone's color of the year was airy and pastel. This year's color is vibrant and darker. The richer colors, on the whole, will be in vogue this year. And the darker the color, the more neutral it becomes. Look for dark green and blue making an appearance in bathroom design-especially the powder room.

Bathroom Tile Ideas
A concrete-inspired tile like Volume 1.0 in a dark color is a good option or go with the darker wood-look tones now available. Keep your eyes open for beautiful fabric-inspired looks in darker colors coming this year to Daltile. Whether it's on the walls or on the floor, dark tile enriches the bathroom space. .

Photo features Stone A La Mod in Contempo White oval mosaic.



Vintage style has been growing as a favorite style in the last couple of years and that continues into 2017. Vintage tile is of particular interest this year. Tile has been around for many years and many of the styles that were original favorites are still around-think black and white hex, 4 x 4 glossy finish ceramic, or Turkish or Moroccan mosaic shapes. 

Bathroom Tile Ideas
The Keystones line has been getting an update because of the popularity of vintage tile. You can now get in in a one-inch, black and white hex. Or go for an updated version of that same look with Bee Hive in a larger size. Traditional ceramic tiles like the Natural Hues series lets you create vintage looks easily. Check out Stone a' la Mod for curvy mosaics with upscale taste. 

Now you're ready to start designing a bathroom that's perfect for you. Take a look at both cutting-edge and traditional tiles for your bathroom remodel today at Daltile.
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