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Extra Large Surfaces

Extra-Large Slab Surfaces

At Daltile, we think your dreams shouldn't be limited by size. Introducing extra-large surfaces that define "seamless" in a whole new light. Whether you want a marble countertop slab, a bookmatched wall, or an expansive floor, extra-large surfaces are the foundation of great design. Create your perfect space with Daltile's extensive assortment.

Beyond Countertops

What started out as countertop slabs, has evolved into extra-large surfaces. They are bigger, better, and more versatile than before. Making slab surfaces part of your design palette will open up many new design options. Coordinate floors and walls, interior and exterior, and more for a truly seamless experience.

Take a closer look at our high-style, dramatic, extra-large surfaces. You'll find stunning choices whatever your style. 

Marble Countertop

A Natural Masterpiece

Timeless marble, classic granite, or up-and-coming natural quartzite, these three stones make up the majority of natural stone kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Natural Quartzite

One Quartz Surfaces

From Nature Chic to City Sleek

From modern, industrial chic to nature-inspired elegance, its looks are as impressive as its durability. Meet the One Quartz family.

West Village Series
Nature Flecks Series
Micro Flecks Series
Geo Flecks Series

Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces

Breathtaking Views Endless Possibilities

Porcelain that performs and design that delivers for your countertops, walls, and floors. 

Elemental Selection
Industrial Selection

One Quartz

ONE Quartz Surfaces®

Delivering an upscale look with down-to-earth durability, ONE Quartz is a popular choice for stunning spaces that see a lot of activity. Solid, nonporous, and harder than any natural substance barring diamonds, these engineered quartz countertops can stand up to everyday life. 

One Quartz Surfaces

Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™

Offering the scale and style of natural stone slab with the benefits of porcelain tile, the Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces line is available in the largest slabs on the market. Get the stunning look of natural stone without the cost and added maintenance.

Granite countertop

Natural Stone

When it comes to countertops, there are many natural stone surfaces. Natural stone slab can give any room a high-end contemporary, luxe feel. Find the perfect fit for your design with selections from natural quartzite, marble, granite, and more.

Check out the latest countertop and extra-large surfaces trends.

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About Extra-Large Surfaces

Extra-large slabs are just like a traditional countertop slab, but offers much more!  Many extra-large slabs are ideal for more than just countertops, enabling you to coordinate floors, walls, interiors, exteriors, and beyond for a truly seamless experience. Slab surfaces open up many new design options.

You can still get traditional sizes in your favorite materials, but now you can expand the design possibilities with sizes up to 10.5 feet by 5.4 feet. The materials available in these extra-large surfaces have expanded too. Quartz, natural quartzite, natural stone, and now porcelain all come in slab sizes. Check out Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™. With realistic stone-looks and the performance of porcelain, these slabs help you think beyond countertops.

About Countertop Slab

Countertop slab is a favorite for bathrooms and kitchens everywhere. It performs spectacularly while including elegant, timeless style. Slab is beginning to be used more creatively by top designers on walls and even floors. It comes in several materials including natural stone, quartz, natural quartzite, and porcelain. Sizes, colors, and finishes vary, especially for natural products. Often selecting a slab means you are picking a one-of-a-kind surface that can be hard to match. Manufactured slab products, like quartz and porcelain, take the variability out of the equation.

Select your countertop slab based on your needs and your tastes. Each has different qualities so find the one that suits your lifestyle the best. What level of maintenance are you comfortable with? Will your slab be exposed to direct sunlight, spills, moisture, or heat? Is your slab to be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoors? Do you want uniformity or do you appreciate uniqueness? Whatever your specifications, we have the countertop slab for you.