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Natural Quartzite

Natural Quartzite Slab & Countertop

Harder than granite, Natural Quartzite slab and countertop will live a long durable life, free of flaws like scratches and etching. A collage of subtle movement and soft veining, combined with unrivaled performance, will be hallmarks of the showpieces created with this modern classic.

  • Soft color palette with striking movement and veining
  • Unique variation of colors from minerals carried by groundwater into the stone
  • Distinct veining from solid color to crystalline appearance
  • Highly resistant to heat and stains
  • Very durable, eliminating concern for etching
  • Virtually maintenance free
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Natural Quartzite Dark

Natural Quartzite – Bold

These beautiful natural quartzite slabs feature bold colors and veining that make a statement. As the centerpiece of your design, one-of-a-kind slabs inform your choices and perform with one of the best durability ratings among countertop surfaces.


Natural Quartzite Light

Natural Quartzite – Light

Lighter in color and veining patterns, these natural quartzite slabs are right at home in just about any design or color scheme. Excellent for remodels or monochromatic style. They offer virtually no maintenance, no etching, and no worries.


About Natural Quartzite Countertops

Natural quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock that is transformed from sandstone by heat and pressure. It is a very dense stone, which means it’s often more durable than granite.

Natural quartzite countertops are an excellent alternative to marble because it can have the look of some of the finest marbles in the world but doesn’t etch, scratch, or break nearly as easily.

Natural Quartzite Chart

Quartzite countertops in Antigua

Natural Quartzite vs. Granite

Natural quartzite countertops are quickly catching up to granite countertops in the industry. Because they have the look of marble or other exotic stones but perform as well as, or better than granite, they are finding favor among designers and homeowners. Daltile is always increasing the natural quartzite slab selection as demand for this natural beauty increase. 

Care & Maintenance for Natural Quartzite Slab

Natural quartzite slab requires similar care to most other natural stones. Because of its low porosity and excellent durability, it is one of the more forgiving stones—resisting staining, scratching, heat, and breakage. Sealing regularly, about every two years, will keep the stone looking like new. Daily cleaning with warm water and a neutral soap and a thorough drying is sufficient. For occasional heavy-duty cleaning and stain removal, read more in our Care & Maintenance center.

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