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Granite, Marble, and Limestone Tile: 3 Stone Options to Consider

If you are embarking on your next home improvement project, you may be surprised by the number of natural stone tile options available. Limestone, granite, and marble each have their own unique qualities. Here is a breakdown of how these three different types of tile vary in terms of appearance, versatility, and maintenance.

Limestone Tile Offers Rustic Charm

Limestone tile comes in a variety of neutral colors and makes a great addition to kitchen floors and walls. It offers a rustic look and complements wood furniture, especially distressed oak pieces or antiqued items. If you are looking for some old-fashioned charm, limestone tile is a great option.

Limestone is available in various degrees of hardness, so a sealant is usually recommended every few years for protection and to help keep your tile looking fresh. Regular maintenance of limestone tile is fairly easy, and it can be swept and mopped clean with warm water and neutral cleaners when necessary.

Granite Tile Works Well in the Kitchen

Granite tile is the perfect addition to your kitchen because it's extremely hard, and with proper care, it's resistant to damage and scratches. Though it's easy to clean and offers a long lifespan, be sure to seal your granite according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure longevity. Granite tile comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and whether it's used on the floor, countertop, or backsplash, it will add an air of sophistication to your room.

Marble Delivers Simple Elegance

If you're going for an elegant, sophisticated look in your kitchen, consider incorporating marble tile into your wall design or backsplash. Marble tile is known for its heavy veining, and it comes in an array of shades and designs to suit any decor. Marble tile is a sophisticated option and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. As with most stone tiles, you'll want to seal the marble to prevent damage from moisture and acidic products.

Inspired by the tile found in the New York subway system, subway tile is a stylish choice that is easy to maintain. Marble subway tile looks extremely sleek when used as a backsplash in the kitchen or on the surround of a shower or bathtub. It comes in many size and color options, so you can infuse your personal taste into your design.

Limestone, granite, and marble tile are each unique material with singular characteristics. Make sure you choose a tile material that will work best with your lifestyle and design choices.

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