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Create a Flagstone Patio and More: 4 Unique Design Ideas

A flagstone patio is a classic design element that's the perfect addition to any summer home. When you're on vacation, you most likely spend the majority of your outdoor time in your yard. So, when it comes to your patio floor, consider covering the space with the beauty of stone. Whether you decide to create a modern outdoor space or a traditional oasis, flagstone will add character and personality to your summer home. Here are four areas where you can incorporate a flagstone patio.

1. Barbecue Area

No one wants to be in a hot kitchen during the spring and summer when the weather outside is beautiful and the grill is ready to go. The barbecue area of your outdoor space should look and feel inviting. This area isn't just for cooking; it's for socializing and eating. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the barbecue area is the heart of the backyard. Make yours distinct by adding a flagstone patio.

2. Fire Pit

There's nothing like gathering around a fire pit with friends and family. Make sure you have the perfect spot to make memories around the fire by adding a flagstone patio. Flagstone will ensure that the fire pit area is level and safe to walk around. Natural Quartzite flagstone is a great material to add around the fire pit for a natural look that will last for years to come. Opt for a shade of stone that has a natural, earthy feel such as the Mongolian Gold design in the Slate Collection.

3. Outdoor Seating Area

A flagstone patio is great way to create an outdoor seating area that is comfortable and classic. You can use flagstone to define the seating area in a yard of lush grass, for example, to add a level of sophistication to your yard. The patio can also be laid out in various patterns and colors to show off your personal style.

4. Pool Area

Adding flagstone around pool areas is a great way to make walking paths. Grass will get muddy around the pool, and sand will stick to wet feet. Flagstone offers a good surface for walking and it will hold up well to moisture. A perfect example is Golden Sun stacked stone, which is warm toned with bright natural variations that will light up beautifully beside the glistening pool water.

A flagstone patio can help to define a gathering space, a busy cooking area, a lively poolside, or a relaxing garden path. Its natural colors and beauty help flagstone look great next to the rest of the outdoor world. You have your own personality, and your summer home should be a reflection of that. So, create your patio with a pattern and stone color that you love, and it will give your outdoor space the perfect finishing touch.

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