Our management consists of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds who have years of experience in the tile industry.

These leaders understand the importance of a collaborative team having a singular focus. That’s why they have been able to successfully work together to build Daltile into the company it is today and lead it into a successful future.
Portrait of Chris Wellborn, Daltile's Interim President.

Chris Wellborn

President & COO of Mohawk Industries, President of Mohawk Global Ceramic Segment
Portrait of Javier Eugenio Martinez Serna, Daltile's President & General Director of Mexico Operations

Javier Eugenio Martinez Serna

President & General Director of Mexico Operations

Matt Kahny

President, Dal-Tile
Portrait of Mike McGlothlin, Daltile's Chief Financial Officer.

Mike Mc-

Chief Financial Officer

Nellson Burns

CIO & Vice President, Information Systems
Portrait of Gianni Mattioli, Daltile's Executive Vice President of Marketing, Research and Development.

Gianni Mattioli

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Research & Development

David Baran

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Operations

John Cousins

Senior Vice President, SSCs and Field Sales

Bob Leahy

Senior Vice President, Home Center Sales
Portrait of Scot Bernstein, Daltile's Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics.

Scot Bernstein

Vice President, Supply Chain and Logistics
Portrait of Claudio Caselli, Daltile's Vice President of Research and Development.

Claudio Caselli

Vice President, Research & Development

Troy Draper

Vice President, Customer Experience & Store Operations
Portrait of Jason Leonard, Daltile's Vice President of Human Resources

Jason leonard

Vice President, Human Resources
Portrait of Scott Maslowski, Daltile's Vice President of National Sales Centers

Scott Maslowski

Vice President, National Sales Centers

Hector Narvaez

Vice President, Sales for Marazzi- and Ragno-brand Distributors

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