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Industrial Park tile flooring


Superior Slip Resistance

Step Wise 

StepWise™ is a technology infused into tile that makes it 50% more slip resistant than regular tile. It is ideal for homes and businesses that expect more from their tile. 
 All StepWise products also feature 
 Simpli Clean
 Tile that's easy to clean and a slip-resistant surface that doesn't wear off.
 Climate Pro
 Tile that can withstand outdoor environments.

Reminiscent with StepWise in Memento White on the patio floor.

Greater Gripping Power

StepWise provides tile with some of the best slip resistance in the industry resulting in more sure-footed safety.

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Saddle Brook XT with StepWise in Gravel Road on the bathroom floor.

Exceptional Cleanability

StepWise is easy to clean. The smooth surface won't trap dirt and only requires a mild cleanser and water to look like new.

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Volume 1.0 with StepWise in Degrees Silver on the floor.

Never Wears Off

StepWise won't wash off or wear away, even in high-traffic areas or commercial spaces. Learn more about how technology is at the forefront of our manufacturing facilities.

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Saddle Brook XT in Oak Trail on the Patio


StepWise allows tile to move seamlessly from the kitchen to the patio. Bring the luxury of the indoors to your outdoor living spaces.

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About StepWise

StepWise technology is infused directly into our top-quality porcelain tile where it increases the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF), or the traction of the tile. DCOF is the measurement used across the tile industry to determine a tile's frictional resistance, or how it will perform under wet conditions. A DCOF value of at least .42 is standard for interior tile that might be walked on when wet. Tile with StepWise has a DCOF of at least .65--well above the standard. 

StepWise is excellent for interior residential and commercial floors and delivers superior traction even on commercial applications like ramps. It's also a favorite for residential outdoor spaces. 

No Limits Style

At Daltile, we don't think your design choices should be limited by worry. Style and safety shouldn't be in competition with each other. Thankfully, StepWise technology gives you both so you don't have to make compromises. The most popular looks in porcelain tile are available in today's hottest styles like cement, stone, and wood looks. Take a closer look at our collections with StepWise: 


StepWise technology is infused into the tile before firing. The result is a tile that has superior traction that doesn't wear off or have any noticeable additional texture.

Easy Maintenance

An added benefit of StepWise is that it's easy to clean. Mild soap and warm water are sufficient for regular cleaning so you can spend your time on what's most important.

Solutions for Busy Floors

Daltile developed StepWise in response to our customers' needs. It's part of an ongoing commitment to make our tile the go-to product for all your surfaces. StepWise is just one way we make sure that your projects have style, durability, and better slip resistance.
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