Working with Daltile GSA


Dal Tile is proud to be the largest manufacturer of high-quality ceramic tile products in the United States. Our extensive product line includes ceramic tile and mosaics, porcelain tile, glazed wall tile, natural stones and quarry tile. Our complete product line is available to GSA eligible agencies on GSA contract. With our variety of available specifications, we are sure to have the perfect product to compliment your government project.


GSA eligible agencies include all Federally-funded government agencies, including:

  • US Department of Defense Military Installations
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • VA Medical Centers and Hospitals
  • Federal Parks & Bureau of Land Management
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Federal Educational Institutions Including DDESS
  • US Federal & State Department Facilities
  • Other GSA eligible governmental agencies


In addition, GSA contracts are extended to a variety of state agencies which have formal contracts adopting GSA pricing. Utilizing GSA, or state contracts like TXMAS and CMAS which have adopted GSA pricing, will allow your agency to purchase products on contract at best value pricing.


Purchasing on GSA, or like contracts, will allow you the flexibility to purchase the products you need, when you need them, without the time and expense involved in a competitive bid. GSA contract purchasing offers the potential of shorter lead times and lower administrative costs, saving your agency time and money!

For more information, please contact Lauri Watnee at or via phone at 704.544.6430.