New Decorative Mosaics

New Decorative Mosaics Fall 2012


With these new on-trend mosaics, your space can take on more personality and style than you ever imagined.

Opulence Glass Mosaics

Opulence features ten color tones and combines “tone on tone” glass in a variety of fascinating finishes. Opulence is randomly blended with 6”, 4”, and 2” lengths of glass to create a beautiful design aesthetic.

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Olympus Slate Glass Mosaics

Olympus Slate consists of three blends using a combination of slate and a new unique “electroplated” metallic glass. Olympus Glass is available in four sizes, and sheets can be cut into strips to create borders and decos.

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Tiger Eye Glass Mosaics

Tiger Eye consists of eight glass mosaics colors in 1” x random lengths that feature a unique metal look. Available in eight stunning color tones that will complement any setting.

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Marvel Stone and Glass Mosaics

Marvel features twelve unique glass & stone mosaic blends offered in a wide range of colors. Blends contain a variety of designs and surface textures that range from the old world look to contemporary styles and are sure to complement any decor.

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Granite Radiance Stone and Glass Mosaics

Granite Radiance is offered in six blends featuring Glass Reflections, Maracas Glass, and popular granite colors. This unique glass and stone mosaic will breath new life into any space.

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Caprice Glass Mosaics

Caprice consists of four solid colors and four blends that contain both frosted and glossy finishes. Caprice is offered in an “ultra-thin” 5/16” x Random interlocking pattern. This sleek look gives a new level of “wow” to the most discriminating designer.

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Circuit Glass Mosaics

Circuit features a Versailles glass design. There are seven block random color blends in this line that are guaranteed to bring a new element to your space.

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Endeavors Stone and Glass Mosaics

Endeavors Mosaics adds contemporary metals to classic stone and glass blends. There are eight color combinations using a variety of metals, stones, and glass colors. All of the blends are available in a 5/8” random interlocking pattern.

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Melange Stone and Glass Mosaics

Melange Mosaics is a blend of Emperador and Travertine stone with glass in three new sizes. This beautiful stone and glass blend will highlight the elegance of any design.

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Intertwine Stone and Glass Mosaics

Intertwine is an undulating glass and stone mosaic. Intertwine is available in eight color blends combining classic tones and adding some new color combinations - the perfect addition to a contemporary space.

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Soiree Glass Mosaics

Soiree Mosaics has smooth and textured translucent glass to make up six color blends that exhibit a unique mother of pearl look. These sheets can be cut into strips to create dramatic borders and decos.

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Match Point Colorbody Porcelain Mosaics

Match Point Mosaics consists of three color options offered in great mosaic sizes. These can be used with Match Point field tile to enhance residential or commercial settings.

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Serenade Glass Mosaics

Serenade features twelve dramatic “stained glass” mosaics. These beautiful glass blends feature random widths and lengths in a wide range of colors.

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These mosaics, along with select existing mosaics, are featured in the new Fanfare Display.