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Available in an array of sizes and coordinating accents, ColorBody Porcelain offers both selection and style. Choose from a perfect palette of color options and design with confidence.

glazed porcelain tile

Celebrate your space with the versatility and visual appeal of Glazed Porcelain. Available in many sizes and color options, our collection will bring your design inspiration to life.


Appealing to both classic and contemporary tastes, Daltile's Quarry collections have a beautiful and stylish breadth of product to arouse the most inspired design.


A blend of the best, Terrazzo tiles are completely unique. Easy to maintain, vibrant and versatile, these collections are sure to inspire brilliant designs.

ceramic floor tile, wall tile

Add elegance to any space and take your design to a new level with the endless possibilities that Daltile's Ceramic collections have to offer.

Wall & Counter Glazed

From classic, rectangular tile sizes to sleek glazed options and fashionable accents, you'll find all the inspiration you need in our Wall & Counter collections.

Mosaic Tile

Creativity at its finest, Mosaics are a magnificent way to make a unique statement with design.

Glass, Metal & Decorative Accents

These are the crowning jewels to your masterpiece. Design with style and be confident that Glass and Metal Tiles along with Decorative Accents harmonize any space.

Recycled Floor Tile

Inspire your space with this beautifully textured tile, with a strong focus on green living. With an incredible Pre-Consumer percentage, your space will be defined by great style and environmental practicality.

Recycled Glazed Floor Tile

Brilliant design with responsibility and integrity at it's core, Recycled Glazed Floor Tile brings a new dimension to any space.


Introducing SlimLite™, a group of design-inspired products that boasts the classic elegance of tile and stone in a lighter and more sustainable format – which makes for virtually limitless design opportunities.

Natural Stone

See tile in a different light with the abundant selection of Natural Stone tile. The elegance and versatility are sure to amaze.

ONE Quartz

A hybrid of natural stone and solid surface, ONE Quartz combines the unusual light play and depth of quartz crystals with exceptional clarity in a broad range of radiant colors.

Manufactured Stone

There's an unmatched elegance that stone exudes, and now that look is more accessible than ever before with Manufactured Stone.


Our AHNZU collection proves that elements from the earth remain one of man's finest discoveries. With a rich palette of colors and sizes, our artisan accents will bring a distinct luminescence to any room.

NEXT by Daltile

NEXT™ by Daltile ... a high end assortment of fashion forward, trendy porcelain tiles offering architects and designers the perfect selection for large-scale commercial projects.

 Simply Finished

To meet the current demand for prefabricated countertops, Daltile offers “Simply Finished” – a collection of ready-to-use granite products cut to standard widths and lengths with laminated edge finishing.